Holiday Gift Ideas For The Family Audiophile

Musicians can be difficult to buy for during the holidays. They are picky about sounds and have reasons behind everything. Reasons to love, reasons to hate. So what does that leave you with? How about some neutral options that put the decision making in their hands. Or how about tools that allow them to optimize their listening environment? Leave the tweaks up to them, just give them the materials.

VYNL Monthly Subscription


Got a vinyl record enthusiast in the household? VYNL offers a selection of tiered payment plans for your vinyl-loving loved on to pick out several, brand-new records from their curated library to be delivered directly to their home. This allows you to buy them an ongoing gift without running the risk of buying them something they’ll dislike. A win-win for everyone.

Doppler Labs’ DUBS Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs


The perfect gift for your loved one who loves live music, but can’t stand wearing earplugs. With Doppler Labs’ DUB Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs, concertgoers can enjoy high-quality live sound while protecting their hearing. Dubs are reusable and use dynamic attenuation to reduce overall volume while preserving sound fidelity.

Acoustic Treatment Panels


True audiophiles know the value of an acoustically well-treated room. Panels can be purchased by manufacturers or can often be made cheaply from home with the right materials. This simple gift can elevate their working and listening experience while saving you the headache when you don’t feel like hearing them. (via )

Rock Band Pillows


If the kids you are buying gifts for are too young for real instruments, get them started with this Rock Band Pillow Set. If it’s for an adult, it’s doubtful that they wouldn’t love these in a jam space or home studio.

Electric Love Blueprint — A History of Electronic Music


For the electronic music fan, pick up this creatively-detailed circuit-paper poster. The blueprint maps out the influence of over 20 inventors, artists, composers musicians in the electronic music world.  Key pioneers featured include Léon Theremin, Bob Moog, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin.


Slow Cooking: Cutting Costs & Fat with More Food?

We are fully aware that this is quite a loaded title and that your physical condition will heavily determine the quantity of food which is best for you. Let us explain. We are not suggesting eating the entire contents of an 8 quart slow cooker in one evening but rather to load that slow cooker up with great ingredients and store them in your fridge or freezer to manage your diet and your budget. In most cases when we bring this up with someone they respond “Oh, well I could have thought of that.” And fair enough. The fact is they don’t do it and the rewards for doing it are staggering.

We first got the idea from The Best Slow Cooker, which is a helpful foodie site which presented us with the following simple fun fact:  If you spend 10 dollars a day on a lunch on an unhealthy fast food meal, that’s going to be $50.00  in savings a week, $200.00 a month and obviously $2400.00 a year!!” Sure this is always in the back of peoples mind when they buy their lunch, but they then go on to ask themselves moments after, in some sort of way: How can I make more money?! Any businessman will tell you the fastest way to make money is to cut expenses.

Healthy Slow Cooker Meals
Healthy Slow Cooker Meals


Another point to be made is how modern slow cookers make it so easy for anyone to start doing. They are now all programmable and some even have a delayed start. That means that you can prepare your food in advance, just dump your ingredients in the cooker, program a start time and voila. Your food will be ready when you are. And lots of it too!!!! They also now all have a feature where the slow cooker automatically shifts to a warm setting once your cooking time is done, so that if you have to do a late one at the office it will still be warm and waiting by the time you’re home.

One of our favourite ideas off of the site was to make a habit of cutting and preparing large amounts of ingredients immediately after doing your groceries and placing it all in large tupperware containers. This makes it easy to load up the slow cooker before work with whichever variation of ingredients you like, set it and forget it. Then load those same tupperware containers up with your leftovers and take it for lunch tomorrow and for the rest of the week. You may just be embarrassed that you never started sooner.

A quick comparison: Slow Cooking or Pressure Cooking

As you could probably imagine from the name, a slow cooker is built to cook your food at a very slow pace, typically taking around eight hours or so. This allows an individual to prepare for other parts of their day if they are doing chores or shopping without having to prepare a great deal in one sitting.

A pressure cooker on the other hand is designed for exactly the opposite, using an intense amount of pressure to speed cook items in a manner of five to ten minutes. Both types of cooking style can prepare the same meal and there is no substantial difference in the taste of both options.

What really separates the two styles is whether or not the individual enjoys having an intense amount of work in a very short amount of time when it comes to making dinner, or the same amount of work but spaced out over a longer period.

One perk of pressure cookers is that their (often) larger size enables them to create larger servings such as the case with vegetables or beans which typically take a while to prepare. Another good benefit is that the pressure cooker will manage to save space for those who don’t have a very large kitchen.

Whereas a slow cooker is really only capable of slow cooking food, meaning that it will need to sit out for a while, a pressure cooker is large enough to handle an entire meal within one cooking session and then it can be cleaned and put away with relative ease.

Another perk of using a pressure cooker is one that most people don’t realize. For those living at higher altitudes, the boiling temperature of water reduces the higher you live. So a pressure cooker allows to guarantee that food will be cooked properly in a way that standard cooking styles cannot do.

The major benefit of a slow cooker is that it appeals to those that work a full day shift, come home, and really don’t want to have to go through the added effort of cooking as well. These people are able to make their food before their shift, come home, and feast to their joy.

Before making a decision, it’s recommended that readers should check out some product reviews before buying either a slow cooker or a pressure cooker as there are benefits to each and not one which is significantly better than the other. There are also a number of cookbooks which can be checked out as well so that you can have a great deal of recipes no matter which option you select. The following links will direct you to our favourite slow cooker cookbooks and pressure cooker cookbooks. Enjoy!

Still Not Convinced? Further Reading On Slow Cooking and Pressure Cooking


InstaPot Pressure cooker

We all love eating and drinking healthy so as to have a healthy life. Sometimes the means you use to cook always has an impact on the quality of food and drink you get. Whether you opt to use a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, each has its benefits as we shall note in the points here. So, what are the advantages of slow cooking and pressure cooking?

For a homeowner who is on a tight schedule and wants to have a meal without much preparation, the pressure cooker will help . A pressure cooker prepares the food very fast and it saves time and is more convenient to use.

With a pressure cooker, you can cook a broad range of foods. If you want to prepare different types of food, a pressure cooker will be of great help. Some pressure cookers have pressure canners that bring temperatures up higher for you to preserve lower-acid foods. There are also some foods that a slow cooker can’t cook, but a pressure cooker shall.

For people with small space in the kitchen, the pressure cooker will solve that problem as it doesn’t require so much space for installation. Since it can cook different kinds of food, you won’t need different cookers for various meals.

Pressure cookers always retain high nutrient value as well as the bioavailability of the food cooked. Using a pressure cook in preparing your meal ensures that you retain some nutrients. Since the pressure cooker makes the food very fast, fewer nutrients will be lost. The more the food stays being cooked, the nutrients get lost. A pressure cooker cooks food very quickly.

Most foods prepared using pressure cookers come with reduced health-harming elements and compounds. The method of cooking known as steam under pressure enables the food to stay moist, and the food is juicier and tasty. The method of cooking also eliminates some cancer-causing compounds.

Food cooked using a pressure cook always is considers to be more digestible for quicker absorption into the body. The food is tender and softer to boost digestibility.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker


However, before a homeowner settles for the cooker to purchase, it is always advisable for one to do a thorough market survey. The market gets flooded with new slow cookers and pressure cookers every day and without proper search; one might end up with a poor quality cooker. One of the best ways to ensure one purchase a good cooker is by making use of slow cooker reviews, pressure cooker reviews and compare. One can get these reviews online without visiting the company.

We have done much research online and found that the most simple and to-the-point sites that provided us with all the information we needed were Slow Cooker Reviews at The Best Slow Cooker and also Pressure Cooker Reviews at Pressure-Cooker-Cooking. Both of these sites created an average user rating where they scanned the internet for reviews across all of the biggest websites and incorporated customers key highlights and disapprovals for each item, saving the reader lots of time.


There are also many cookbooks available where one can see different reviews on various kitchen appliances. The reviews will help a great way to ensure you get what you wanted.

Pressure Cooking: Our favourite life hack

Whether you’re hustling around in New York City like we are or just trying to find fast, healthy and simple cooking habits to incorporate into your lifestyle, we’ve got one for you this week that if you’re not already doing it you better not waste another  $16.00 dollars at that place around the corner from your office. What you need is a new life hack that will get you out of the routine of over spending on your lunch that’s maybe labelled organic but you really just don’t know these days.

The problem is taking on some new habit that requires cooking to try to cut some costs usually gets boring pretty fast, it’s never as quick as you were maybe lead to believe, and it probably doesn’t taste as good as the restaurant because, let’s face it, nobody is born a chef and many of us could really care less. Well, then maybe this article is just for you!

People put very little thought into how the way that they prepare their food effects the nutritional value of the end product. They will steam them until they are of their preference no zero regard to having cooked away so much of their nutrients. Research shows that the longer you cook your food and the more liquid you use to cook it, the more nutrients you will lose. By using a pressure cooker you will manage to retain so much flavour, nutrients and texture to your ingredients.

A pressure cooker can cook most ingredients upwards to 70% faster than other cooking methods. This means that you save on energy as well as time and in most cases a lot of dirty dishes. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?

There are two way of pressure cooking, either on the stove top with a traditional pressure cooker, typically made of stainless steel or aluminum or the more modern electric programmable pressure cooker. They are both highly effective appliances, each with their own strengths and one kind does not appear to be sold more than the other. Without getting into too much detail about them here we would encourage you to check out these pressure cooker reviews as this site is a strong resource for anything you may need in order to make an informed decision.

We learned about all sorts of models over at Pressure-Cooker-Cooking which allowed us to get an idea of the best models available in stove top or electric. We’d encourage anyone to head over and check it out. You can also follow the link to learn more about pressure cooking.