A quick comparison: Slow Cooking or Pressure Cooking

As you could probably imagine from the name, a slow cooker is built to cook your food at a very slow pace, typically taking around eight hours or so. This allows an individual to prepare for other parts of their day if they are doing chores or shopping without having to prepare a great deal in one sitting.

A pressure cooker on the other hand is designed for exactly the opposite, using an intense amount of pressure to speed cook items in a manner of five to ten minutes. Both types of cooking style can prepare the same meal and there is no substantial difference in the taste of both options.

What really separates the two styles is whether or not the individual enjoys having an intense amount of work in a very short amount of time when it comes to making dinner, or the same amount of work but spaced out over a longer period.

One perk of pressure cookers is that their (often) larger size enables them to create larger servings such as the case with vegetables or beans which typically take a while to prepare. Another good benefit is that the pressure cooker will manage to save space for those who don’t have a very large kitchen.

Whereas a slow cooker is really only capable of slow cooking food, meaning that it will need to sit out for a while, a pressure cooker is large enough to handle an entire meal within one cooking session and then it can be cleaned and put away with relative ease.

Another perk of using a pressure cooker is one that most people don’t realize. For those living at higher altitudes, the boiling temperature of water reduces the higher you live. So a pressure cooker allows to guarantee that food will be cooked properly in a way that standard cooking styles cannot do.

The major benefit of a slow cooker is that it appeals to those that work a full day shift, come home, and really don’t want to have to go through the added effort of cooking as well. These people are able to make their food before their shift, come home, and feast to their joy.

Before making a decision, it’s recommended that readers should check out some product reviews before buying either a slow cooker or a pressure cooker as there are benefits to each and not one which is significantly better than the other. There are also a number of cookbooks which can be checked out as well so that you can have a great deal of recipes no matter which option you select. The following links will direct you to our favourite slow cooker cookbooks and pressure cooker cookbooks. Enjoy!

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