Slow Cooking: Cutting Costs & Fat with More Food?

We are fully aware that this is quite a loaded title and that your physical condition will heavily determine the quantity of food which is best for you. Let us explain. We are not suggesting eating the entire contents of an 8 quart slow cooker in one evening but rather to load that slow cooker up with great ingredients and store them in your fridge or freezer to manage your diet and your budget. In most cases when we bring this up with someone they respond “Oh, well I could have thought of that.” And fair enough. The fact is they don’t do it and the rewards for doing it are staggering.

We first got the idea from The Best Slow Cooker, which is a helpful foodie site which presented us with the following simple fun fact:  If you spend 10 dollars a day on a lunch on an unhealthy fast food meal, that’s going to be $50.00  in savings a week, $200.00 a month and obviously $2400.00 a year!!” Sure this is always in the back of peoples mind when they buy their lunch, but they then go on to ask themselves moments after, in some sort of way: How can I make more money?! Any businessman will tell you the fastest way to make money is to cut expenses.

Healthy Slow Cooker Meals
Healthy Slow Cooker Meals


Another point to be made is how modern slow cookers make it so easy for anyone to start doing. They are now all programmable and some even have a delayed start. That means that you can prepare your food in advance, just dump your ingredients in the cooker, program a start time and voila. Your food will be ready when you are. And lots of it too!!!! They also now all have a feature where the slow cooker automatically shifts to a warm setting once your cooking time is done, so that if you have to do a late one at the office it will still be warm and waiting by the time you’re home.

One of our favourite ideas off of the site was to make a habit of cutting and preparing large amounts of ingredients immediately after doing your groceries and placing it all in large tupperware containers. This makes it easy to load up the slow cooker before work with whichever variation of ingredients you like, set it and forget it. Then load those same tupperware containers up with your leftovers and take it for lunch tomorrow and for the rest of the week. You may just be embarrassed that you never started sooner.

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